Heli’s magnificent appearance at Bauma China 2014
Release time:2015-06-15 03:38:14

The seventh international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, construction vehicles and equipment, Bauma China 2014, held in November last year, attracted 3,000 machine and accessory suppliers exhibiting in 300,000 square meters and nearly 190,000 visitors. Many manufacturers brought their latest products, equipment and parts with world-class technology to the show. 

As one of the top eight industrial vehicle manufacturers in the world and the No.1 Chinese forklift enterprise, Anhui HELI Co., Ltdwas present at the Expo with their new industrial vehicles and engineering machinery. With the theme of"HELI Brand, Corporate Strength, Energy Conservation and Environment Protection, High-end Products", it was a shining star of the show. The products HELI brought to the show included not only the energy saving and environmentally friendly LNG empty container stacking machine and a powerful new 25 Ton heavy-duty diesel forklift, but also a 46 Ton heavy-duty diesel forklift and reach stackers for freight containers. These represent the highest technical levels and tonnage of Chinese industrial vehicles. In addition, the unique appearances and exquisite designs of the G-series 2.5 Ton electronic forklift, G-series 7 Ton diesel forklift, an upgraded generation of H-series diesel forklift, and flexible steering 2 Ton pallet jacks were also on show. 

An interactive multifunction LED dashboard was introduced for the 2.5 Ton four-wheel balance weight type electric forklifts. The imported entrance seal part makes the performance more reliable, and comes along with new hydraulic dynamic load-sensing technology and an electric controlled self-protection function. It features international grade electromagnetic compatibility. Combining integrated load sensing steering and a low-noise pump, the forklift has reached new low noise levels. 

 During the exhibition, HELI revealed numerous new products and attracted the close attentions of domestic and foreign customers. There were also numerous enquiries about agent co-operation opportunities. 

For HELI, Bauma China 2014 was not just an opportunity to exhibit the developments for the last couple of years, it was the start of a new and higher goal, which is to become one of the top five international forklift manufacturers. Along with the improved economic environment worldwide, the logistics industry is facing a great opportunity. HELI is confident of both its future and its ability to participate more effectively in global competition to a higher standard and on a larger scale.